Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Irish Badass Shirt - St Patrick's Day T-shirts by UpYourTee.com R U Badass Enuf to Wear This?

St Patrick's Day T-Shirt - Best Irish Shirt Ever!

The Irish Badass t-shirts
by UpYourTee.com

If you think you're Irish and think you're Badass, think again. Unless you are wearing this shirt... then, yeah, you're Badass! In fact, you're an Irish Badass!

In stock now and ready for your St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl! 

We will ship it to you #freeshipping if you order by phone! 1-609-660-2257 in the US or order online and we ship worldwide!


Irish Badass T-shirt (front)
Irish Badass T-shirt (back)

Two sided!
Front features the name Irish Badass with a shamrock and celtic knot.
The back is a top 10 list of reasons the Irish are Badass. You know u want this and we will send it to you! Only if you are badass...

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